Domain only appraisal at the moment doesn't appraise a domain only, we mean without a content (Inactive, Parked or Under construction)

We are working on this algorithm and will be soon available too.

Respect to our article on how this tool appraise a domain, value of a domain only depends on some factors, like:

  • Number of characters: usually names with 2 or 3 letters or letters combined with numbers are very high valued
  • One word : this domain are too very high valued depends on the word. You can check on google for the word of the domain and see how many results comes out, an high number of results means that the word it's very common and so important. Or you can use the Google Keyword tool.
  • Hiphen : usually domain with hyphen are worth less even if in some case are more easy to remember.
  • Domain TLD : of course .com domain are usually worth more than other tld cause it's an older tld and more a domain is old and easier to have an history or pages already indexed.